For accommodation we recommend


1. Pension Kolpinghaus: (sorry this link is only in German). The hostel is in 2 min walking distance from the University campus.

The price: 36 EUR per person per night (including breakfast).

It is very simple (no TV, but with bath) and clean hostel, with probably lowest prices.


2. Hotels:

Kranebitter Klammstub'n (three stars): (sorry this link also only in German).

Prices are from 44.7 EUR per person per night (including breakfast).


Kranebitterhof  (three stars):

Prices are from 50.0 EUR per person per night (including breakfast).


The both hotels are in one bus stop away from the campus (about 20-25 minute walking distance – they are on a small hill “Kranebitten”):


Other Hotels in Innsbruck can be found here:


How to arrive to Innsbruck

By train: from Vienna 5-6 hours, From Munich about two hours. From central railway station to University campus by taxi (the price – about 15 EUR), or by “O” bus direction “Technick”, but you have to walk (about 10 minutes) from railway station to O-bus stop at Museumstrasse street.

By Airplane: (i) directly to Innsbruck airport then taxi (less than 15 EUR) to University campus, or hotels mentioned above. (ii) From Munich airport to Innsbruck by train, or transfer taxi:


It costs practically the same as the train but brings you to and picks you up at any address in Innsbruck.



Other useful information


Inside the campus there is a very good student and usual restaurants.

Near the centre of Innsbruck there is large number of restaurants.



There is large number of options, please visit:


Useful links

Innsbruck University website:

3d map of Innsbruck showing University campuses: