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People of PTSG

Professor: Prof. John P. Verboncoeur   Emeritus Professor: Prof. Charles K.(Ned) Birdsall
Postdoctoral Researchers:
Dr. De-Qi Wen (2018-)
  Graduate Students:
Corey Scott (2021-)
Recent Postdoctoral Researchers:
Dr. Yangyang Fu , Tsinghua University Beijing
Dr. Yaman Güçlü
Dr. Helen Smith
Dr. Hae June Lee
Dr. Sang Ki Nam
Dr. Bin Li
  Recent Graduates:
Dr. Janez Krek (2016-2021), KLA Tencor
Dr. Gautham Dharuman (2013-2018), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Scott Rice (2011-2017)
Dr. Guy Parsey (2011-2017), KLA Tencor
MSc. Rahnuma Chowdhury (2014-2016)
MSc. Mayur Jain (2013-2015)
Dr. Emi Kawamura
Dr. Jeff Hammel
Recent Visiting Scholars:
Dr. Marisa Roberto (Brazil)
Prof. Ming-Chieh Lin (Taiwan)
Dr. Hyun Chul Kim (S. Korea)
Prof. Guangsup Cho (S. Korea)
Prof. Suwon Cho (S. Korea)
Dr. Yuichi Ikeda (Hitachi Research Laboratory)
Mr. Naoki Matsumoto (Sumitomo Metals)
Prof. Miles Turner (Dublin City University)
Dr. Hide Usui (RASC, Kyoto University)
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Current Projects in PTSG

Recently Completed Projects in PTSG


PTSG Software


Publications Using PTSG Codes, Worldwide

Many authors, using our codes, have made acknowledgments to PTSG and sent us copies of their reports, journal articles, letters, and MS, Ph.D. theses. We appreciate both.

Since 1991, we have listed the publications brought to our attention using our codes XPDP1, XPDC1, XPDS1, XPDP2, and XOOPIC (by us and others). The total that we are aware of now exceeds 300, including over 60 by us. We are delighted to have been helpful to these authors. We are even more delighted to learn of their excellent and ingenious applications and modifications of our codes (go to the List of the publications).



Plasma Device Workshop 2009 (PDW2009)

We have given workshops for users of our plasma device codes. These codes are particle-in-cell (PIC) codes with Monte Carlo collision (MCC) models in 1D and 2D. Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates are modeled, in both electrostatic and electromagnetic regimes. The models include flexible boundary conditions, external driving circuits, and user-customizable diagnostics. The PTSG has been at the forefront of algorithm development for almost 50 years, and continues to develop new models for physics, computer science, and applied mathematics.

Inquiries are welcome (address to Prof. John P. Verboncoeur).

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