PDW2009: Plasma Device Workshop 2009

23-27 March 2009
University of Innsbruck, Austria
Prof. John Verboncoeur
johnv @ nuc.berkeley.edu

Workshop Announcement


Workshop Overview:


Basic Course

23-25 March 2009

·  Particle-in-cell fundamentals

·  PTSG suite of PIC codes

·  Applications to sheath and device physics
Course registration: US$1500 before 01March, US$1800 after

Advanced Course

25-27 March
Assistance setting up your research problem, submitted in advance. This will include custom input files, with some initial runs to determine numerical requirements, and discussion on problem modeling and scaling. Capacity is limited due to the need for individual attention and significant preparation.
Prequisites: must have taken the Basic Course previously; advance registration required. Course registration: US$3000 must register before 01March

About Prof. Verboncoeur

The instructor, Prof. Verboncoeur, currently leads the Plasma Theory and Simulation Group at the University of California at Berkeley, which produces the PTSG code suite used in the course. He has taught plasma simulation workshops more than 10 times in the past 15 years. The PTSG code suite is in use by over 1000 users worldwide with over 250 publications in the last decade. Prof. Verboncoeur also heads the new Computational Engineering Science (CES) Program at UC-Berkeley, and teaches several novel courses in multidisciplinary modeling and simulation techniques.

Registration Information:

Contact Prof. Verboncoeur (johnv @ nuc.berkeley.edu) to register and receive electronic payment information. Students attending with their research advisor can receive a significant discount for both courses (predicated on working on the same problem in the advanced course).

Registration includes course materials for the related course, CDs of the PTSG code suite, and a banquet on 25 March, with live musical entertainment by Prof. Siegbert Kuhn and Carol Verboncoeur.

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